Lawn care and lawn maintenance need personal involvement, passion, time and effort. While mowing the lawn or watering it is pleasant, your turf and garden need more than that. The next four basic lawn care Denville, NJ strategies provided by our experts will help you care for your lawn with maximum results and little effort. After all, lawn care should be a pleasure and not a painful task.

Make a Detailed Lawn Care Plan Starting with Soil Testing

Surely you have detailed schedules related to the tasks you perform at your workplace. Why shouldn’t you apply the same work organization rules to your lawn as well? Lawn maintenance Denville, NJ pros advise you to fully assess what is needed to be done to the lawn, prioritize and schedule tasks on days, weeks and months. This thorough plan helps you keep track of what has been done and what you should do next. Also, it helps you save time, money and effort, maximizing the results. The first thing to do is test the soil in order to choose the best fertilization and learn of the nutrients it needs in order to grow lush and strong.

Trade Weed Control Carefully

Pulling weeds on a regular basis prevents weed proliferation, weed control Rockaway, NJ experts say. The use of herbicides should also be properly implemented, as it depends on the weeds and on the other plants present on the property. Lawn care Denville, NJ pros admit that some residents make the mistake of destroying all weeds with no discrimination. They advise you to learn the differences between weeds and companion plants (many of them keep pests away and help other plants grow stronger), while some weeds give you a good clue on your soil state. Some weeds must be eradicated, but other companion plants are welcome.

Water the Lawn Deeply

Sometimes too much watering can harm and stress the plants. Instead of watering often and superficially, try watering the roots of the turf and plants deeply. This will help the roots grow stronger and healthier. In the dry season, the grass won’t be vulnerable, as it will find its own water sources deep inside the soil.

Keep an Eye on the Budget

If you want to cut down some lawn maintenance costs, use organic fertilizers, such as compost, to nourish the lawn and cut down its size (to save water money) by installing flower beds and shrubs. Buy reliable, high-quality tools which need little repairs and changes and make sure they’re always clean and sharp, lawn mowing Westfield, NJ experts recommend.