Large properties need intensive lawn care plans, not to mention a lot of time and money. The minimal investments list consists of watering costs, soil maintenance, mowing, tree trimming, and many seasonal lawn maintenance Madison, NJ activities. In this case, you may face the issue of not having enough time or a generous enough budget to employ all the necessary lawn care strategies experts talk about. You can’t leave the property unmanaged, obviously, because it will get damaged in time and cost you even more to fix it. What is to do then? Landscaping Madison, NJ experts agree with their lawn maintenance Gladstone, NJ colleagues: frugal landscaping may be the best strategy to keep a beautiful, lush, property, with less money and worries. It is especially recommended in the case of large, hard-to-maintain properties. Let’s see what the main frugal landscaping courses of action are.

1. Lawn Resizing

You can easily resize the lawn and cut down the mowing and watering surface costs by adding elements of hardscape. You can introduce functional elements in the overall picture: stone walkways or “floors” for an outdoor living-room; wood decks, patios, a summer kitchen, a few annex buildings; a summer grill and barbecue area or even a sand oriental garden. The surface you build on will no longer need watering, mowing, weed control and so on. You can try investing as little as possible in hardscape to make sure you get the best results for your money. Lawn care Madison, NJ specialists also advise to add rock frames around flower beds and rows. They look great and save a lot of space.

2. Native Plants Plantation

The more exotic and sensible plants you host on your property, the more they will cost you – in terms of maintenance. Landscaping Madison, TX specialists advise you to choose native flowers and plants. They are resistant and adapted to the local weather. They cost little as well in terms of fertilization and weed or pest control, as they are resilient to local threats. They are also used to the soil, so you may cut down some special fertilization costs as well. You can substantially cut down your budget if you go with your local plants and let them thrive with the minimum care.

3. Free Lawn Maintenance Products Use

Serious budget cuts should always include the costs of fertilization, weed control, soil treatments and so on. Free lawn maintenance products include those you can make at home: compost, mulch, pest control mixtures, weed control home-made products and so on. You can also choose a more natural approach: plant companion plants for an efficient weed and pest control program. Use organic mulch and get natural fertilizers which are free or very cheap. Frugal landscaping and lawn care Madison, NJ specialists consider that the organic approach both cuts down the budget and does wonders to a property.