Have you ever heard that there are only twelve or fifteen movie plots altogether, but each director tells the same stories over and over again from a different perspective? Well, landscaping Cedar Knolls, NJ experts consider there are about four core-elements to landscape design, even if no two landscapes look identical. If you long for a lawn and garden to look like those on professional magazine covers, you have to know these five main principles. And if you want to turn your property into the hottest spot in the neighborhood, let’s give lawn care Cedar Knolls experts some room to talk.

1. Scale and Size

Landscape services Cedar Knolls, NJ experts say that everything starts with scaling. This means that the first thing to do is fit the landscape design so it matches the size of the house and property. Scaling is the first step to achieve a pleasant general design where all elements go together coherently.

2. Lines, Curves and Depth

To design a beautiful landscape, turf and garden you should take into account structures, lines, curves and the illusion of depth you want to establish. The walkway, the driveway, the walls and the terrain give you the structure to build on. Straight lines of flower beds, shrubs and trees give the landscape a formal tone. Curved lines offer the illusion of an artistic, bohemian touch. Vertical gardens, tall trees and stair-like flower beds and terraces allow the creation of depth.

3. Form and Shape

Many landscape services Madison, NJ experts, together with the lawn care Cedar Knolls, NJ pros insist on form and shape as core elements in landscape design. They are talking about structures and the dependence of the forms and shapes used to the overall landscape design. For instance, if you choose a formal design, it will directly influence the use of topiaries or not.

4. Texture and Color

Both texture and color are important. Texture of plants, be them smooth or looking heavier in weight. Colors and textures give contrast and harmony to a garden. While some landscapers prefer monochromatic designs, using the same colors, others recommend mixing colors for contrasts and textures. Vibrancy and depth can be offered by a mix of plants, shrubs, trees and flowers, as they provide coarseness and fineness.

Knowing these key concepts of landscape design can help you make an informed decision and also choose the landscape Cedar Knolls, NJ service that rises to your expectations.