You may ask what a functional garden is and you are right to do so. According to landscaping services Gladstone, NJ experts and lawn care pros in general, such garden goes beyond an aesthetic role and becomes a core-element for sustainable living. Gardens and lawns should not only be used as luscious patches of nature, filled with grass and flowers, but also become small “kitchens.” Michelle Obama, Jamie Oliver and many other healthy living promoters recommend owners to turn parts of their properties into vegetable gardens and grow also fruits, herbs and spice.

The popularity of the “functional garden” is sustained by two trends: ecological living, which promotes local organic growth of food, and healthy eating, which is founded on the idea of having your own fresh basil and parsley at hand when you cook. These are just a few examples, but you get our point.

In this framework, landscaping services Gladstone, NJ experts talk about a series of issues raised by many homeowners. If you entertain the idea of turning a part of your flower garden into a natural, organic vegetable one and focus on healthy living and cooking, this is what you need to know:

· Functional Gardens Are Beautiful

Professional landscapers in Gladstone, TX offer reliable services to make even a small vegetable garden look like a corner of Heaven. The mix of colors, the arrangement of vegetable rows and the different vegetable shapes can turn even the dullest patch into something the eye can enjoy.

· The Garden Needs Special Treatment

This is true, especially when it comes to using different types of fertilizers, weed control and pest control treatments. But with a reliable horticulturist by your side, you will have a properly fertilized veggies and herbs garden together with a properly nourished turf. Diversity is the key and the employment of professional landscaping and gardening Gladstone, NJ services.

· A Functional Garden Needs a Lot of Work

This is also true. You want your entire property to thrive, so the garden needs separate care, while lawn care has its own rules. Some pests love vegetables, while other love flowers. Fruit and spices need harvesting. The garden needs special fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. The soil needs more aeration. Why would anyone engage in such long-term labor?

Lawn care Gladstone, NJ pros and their colleagues specialized in horticulture admit such a project needs time, work, and effort. But think about the end results: organic food, cost-savings, fresh herbs, fruits and veggies, eco-friendliness and a new passion to be discovered. They are all worth the try.