Well-maintained lawns can change the appearance of any property. Not only do they provide visual appeal, but also create extra space that can be useful for various open-air family activities. Nonetheless, beautiful lawns require a lot of investments and dedicated work. In fact, most regular US households usually invest up to $5,000 just for lawn care – this includes services such as landscaping, mowing, fertilization, pest prevention, and many more.

Property owners who want to reduce the cost of lawn care, Whippany, NJ experts say, are advised to primarily focus on maintenance, making it a regular responsibility, as it has been proven to be the most effective way of managing the budget targeted toward lawn care. Basic lawn maintenance is the key to keeping your yard healthy and visually pleasing, while also preventing small problems from escalating.

Wondering how routine lawn maintenance should be carried out? Here are a few useful tips from lawn care experts.

  1. Search for potential problems by setting a list of daily minor lawn care tasks. These may range from watering and weeding to inspection of grass and plants for damages, insects, or diseases. Early discovered problems are always easier to solve.
  2. You should also compose a list of weekly tasks, which may include mowing (grass must be kept at a height of at least 2”), sides trimming, sweeping, and pruning. Performing all of these will ensure healthy growth, as well as maintain an attractive overall appearance of the yard.
  3. Moving up to monthly lawn care tasks, these comprise introduction of new mulch in order to prevent weed growth, nourish the soil, and retain moisture. Likewise, additional pruning will be necessary to achieve the desired shape for both shrubs and trees. You should also verify the efficiency of the lawn’s irrigation system and clean its components in order to make sure they will function properly during the upcoming month.
  4. On change of seasons, when you will not be using certain tools for a while, inspect your equipment and gardening accessories and clean them up. Another important task during the change of seasons is to reapply fertilizer, intended to either assist growth or to protect the plants from the upcoming harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, during winter, you will need to cover sensitive plants with mulch (or burlap), or move certain plants (such as perennials) indoor. Lastly, this is a proper time to plant new seeds, which will grow during the next season.

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