Why Choose Us


We have been providing quality asphalt maintenance services to our customers for over ten years. Whether we are providing services to your residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, we take care of it like it is our own property, making sure not to get any material on buildings, sidewalks, curbing, etc. We take great pride in staying ahead of the competition by continuing our education and staying well connected to other industry leaders. This allows us the ability to offer the highest quality products in the industry and apply them with the most cutting edge equipment and techniques, all at a fair price. All of our sealcoating work is guaranteed for up to one year against any peeling or flaking. Crack repairs must be looked at on a yearly basis to see if there is a need for any touch-ups.


The process that we use to perform our asphalt maintenance services has been Process perfected over the years to provide our customers with the longest lasting protection for their asphalt investment. We hand edge all residential driveways to make sure only the driveway has sealer applied to it. Once the edging is done, we work the sealer into the porous asphalt using brush squeegees to guarantee superior coverage and eliminate all risks of overspray. Although it may take us longer than spraying your driveway, it leads to a higher quality job. Commercial properties are completed using a spray technique to increase efficiency on a larger job. The same care that goes into our residential properties carries right into our commercial work.


At CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating we only use the industry’s best, commercial grade material. We use a commercial grade, Coal Tar sealer from Sealmaster (The nation’s leader in asphalt maintenance products). We apply the proper amount of additives and sand to make the strongest, longest lasting sealer possible. The rich, black color of this sealer immediately increases your properties curb appeal along with protecting your asphalt investment.


We are NOT the type of contractors that show up to your property with a beat up pickup truck and a couple buckets of sealer they just picked up from the hardware store. We only use state of the art sealcoating tanks that allow us to store hundreds of gallons of sealer and keep it properly agitated so that the sand and additives stay properly mixed with the sealer. This equipment also allows the ability to pump the sealer directly where we need it so we avoid sloshing buckets of sealer around the job, saving ourselves the risk of making a mess of your property. Cracks are filled using MA-10 melters and applicators that allow us to melt the tar and apply it into the cracks using the same piece of equipment. This equipment fills and squeegees the crack smooth all in the same motion allowing us to provide a quality repair with greater efficiency. Our efficiency created by our techniques and equipment is what allows us to provide you with such competitive pricing.


Our 100% risk free, money back guarantee as seen on our home page